Introduction of Humla District

Humla is one of the blessed with boundless opportunities district of Nepal. It is elevated from 4000 to 24064 ft. and the population of the district is 49863. In spite of natural abundance, hardworking and laborious people the district are counted as one of the least developed and remote of the country.

Background of the organization

Rural People Upliftment Development Program (RPUDP) Humla was initiated by the seven youth, as a lose forum of youth from the remote village Kalika - 2, Kargain of Humla district with the work of sanitation activities in the rural village in the year 2054 B.S.

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Aims and Objectives

Make People to living harmoniously in a civilized, equitable, self-reliant and prosperous society. Improve livelihood and right of women, poor, vulnerable and marginalized people in the communities to create equitable, self-reliant and prosperous society through the development of knowledge, Skill and attitude of people via social cohesion, human right and proper use and management of natural resources.

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Social Networking

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